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Google Base Store Connector

Make sure Google users can find your online store

Get your data from other popular services

If you have an online store with eBay, Amazon or Yahoo, why not make sure that Google users can find it, too? Google Base Store Connector is a free download that puts info about your store into our index, so that when people search Google for the products you have to sell, you'll show up in their search results, along with a link directly to your site on eBay, Amazon or Yahoo.

Effortless bulk upload of items

You'll never have to manually enter the same items on different websites; we'll automatically format your items for you in the proper Google Base format.

Synchronize multiple sites in one click

Once you tell us your account info, you can move data from multiple sites into your Google Base account in one easy step.

Good Luck. I've been using this about six weeks testing the waters with it and it works.

Take care, Donna
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Hi. I downloaded it but when it asked for my ebay username + PASSWORD (!!!) I backed off. They should not need it to find your items. Auctiva doesn't ask for it in order to import listings.

Maybe I am being paranoid but I have just experienced a case of identity fraud where the crook used a stolen ebay ID to rip off a few sellers.

Like the idea though so if some reassurance can be given it would be much appreciated.


^Simco..I'm not sure. This has been highly touted by Google on many selling forums I belong to...but I don't know if any of the other posters are from the UK. Hmmmmmmm...I'll post in the hopes someone can give me a yep or a nope.

Here's a thread on the Stores Forum on eBay:


You're right to question this. Man, if I'd been hit by fraud...darn tootin I'd be walking lightly. You're smart to ask and triple check.

I'll double check on the selling forums that I visit. Lotta sellers chat back and forth about many varied services that help our ecommerce. This was a link placed over six weeks ago and nobody has brought anything up negative....yet.

I trust this Google based program, but just because I do doesn't mean you should. This software grabs my ecrater, eBay and more selling venues straight across the board and uploads them to Google/Froogle. It used to be time consuming for me to double check. This has simplified the system.

I've been with four different third party listers and several services that supplement eBay sales and each and every one has required my eBay password to upload auctions into my account.

I'll get back with the answer to leave it here.

Take care, Donna

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