I understand that SixBit now can end listings at whatever date I wish, regardless of eBay's new policy.  This is from their ad on Ecommerce Newsbytes newsletter.


Is it possible for Auctiva to do that for us?  That would solve a whole lot of problems for a whole lot of people.


Thank you.

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Hello Bella'smom - 

At this time there is not a comparable tool within Auctiva to end GTC listings at a set time; listings posted GTC would still need to have the End Early tool on the Active Listings page of your account used and the listings manually ended if you wish to end such listings early.

However, I understand how such a feature may be useful to you and other sellers and I have gone ahead and passed your request along to our development team for their consideration and will update this thread as soon as more information regarding such a tool becomes available.

 - Craig

At least 4 other developers have developed ways to help their sellers end listings when they want to to get around the GTC.  I'm wondering why Auctiva has dropped the ball on this and when, if ever, they plan to do a similar feature.  There was plenty of notice to get a fix in Auctiva.  Now, the advanced editing feature does not work to change duration; I'm told they are "working" on it.  Not a happy camper at this point. https://www.ecommercebytes.com...dapt-to-gtc-mandate/

Hello again,

As previously noted your suggestion has been passed along for consideration, but there is not, as of yet, any new information I can provide to you regarding this feature.  We are also aware of a situation with the Advanced Edit tool in regards to shifting Fixed Price items to Auction items that relates to the duration, which is being looked into, but I have no updates regarding that situation at this time, but will update this thread as soon as any new information becomes available.

Apologies for the continued inconvenience.

 - Craig

Hi Bella'sMom.  I have been using a workaround that Craig suggested under a different thread.  Again, it's only a workaround but its effective for now. 

"In the meantime, while I understand this would be slower,  you could also create folders with dates for titles and when you post listings place them in the appropriate folder from the Active Listings page after they have posted.  This way the Folder column on the Active Listings page would show the post date of the items and items in the same folder would then be color coded.  You can also use an Auto Relist profile, if you are not already, so that when you end the listings they relist based on the profile you create."

Essentially I created folders with titles of the day of the month.  I post from my saved listing folder and then look at my active listings folder and use the end early function.  For example, today being the 25th, I end every listing in folders entitled 26.

Thanks for the idea.  I am not sure I can rely on myself to check folders every day and one "forget" would cost me a lot of money!  I have been trying to get some idea from support when they will have this fixed; it seems quite a long time to not have this function in place when others have had it for weeks now.  They also can't seem to fix being able to change from gtc to auction in bulk edit; this hasn't worked for weeks either and I can't get an idea other than "working on it."  I have used auctiva for years but am investigating switching because of these two issues. 

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