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Hopefully this is just a glitch. I sell postcards among other things and I keep the postcards in folders in Auctiva. I keep corresponding postcards in groups in a box. I sold a postcard yesterday and when I went to Auctiva and searced my listings I could not find it. I see that the entire page has changed for saved listings, (I don;t care for it as it lacks information that used to be there) and the card was not in the group. I went to the listing, found the date it was listed, information that USED to be on the saved listings page, and found that the card was in my group but not in Auciva. Hopefully you are not auto deleting the listing from Auctiva if the item sells. That will be an absolute nightmare for me as I will not be able to find anything in my listings. Please advise. Thanks
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Hello AramA -

I am sorry to hear you ran into some difficulty within your account. We have not made any recent changes to the Saved Listings page and we definitely do not auto delete any saved listings from any account. It is unclear what you may have encountered or saw on the saved listings page as there have been no changes to it for a considerable time, but again, we do not auto delete any saved listing data from accounts.

Should you encounter a similar difficulty or any other oddities in your account, please get a screenshot of what you encounter and file a support case with us letting us know the details of what you run into so we can get the screenshot from you and take a look into what has occurred.

It is possible that there was an issue related to browser caching, so you may wish to try clearing your browser cache to see if that eliminates any page related oddities you've encountered.

- Craig
Hi Craig,

I believe I know what I did now that I looked at the menu. Instead of saved listings I clicked active listings which explains the missing items in my account. Makes sense. I just thought that you may have been working with some sort of synch arrangement with ebay which is what places like Hipcard do where listings are closed off each other when a sale is done. Thanks for checking


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