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I haven't updated this page in, oh... years. But I need to do it now.

So I clicked on Stores, "About Info", and all the fields that came up were blank.

I thought I would find the information the I had previously put in, but I didn't.

So I put in what I wanted, and when I go and write an auction, the old stuff keeps coming up.


This is driving me bananas!
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Hi random brunette,
Have you tried updating your Seller Details profile? It also has an About Us section and can be accessed from here:
If this doesn't fix the problem, I would file a support request ticket so we can take care of the issue quickly.
The About Us info under the Stores tab will update your info for all you listings in your Auctiva Emporium. It is still a good thing to keep updated, but those details wouldn't show up on your individual listings.
Good luck, happy selling and happy Friday,
Jenny at Auctiva (Another random brunette)

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