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I've been following the discussions for a while. Lots of interesting and helpful stuff. I really like that bad sellers are being outed.

It sounds like lots of you guys have negative experiences on ebay. I've been a member for four years and have 429 positive feedbacks - no negatives - and I'm quite satisfied.

I addition comes all the people who don't bother to leave feedbacks, even if I have. Mostly sellers, but some buyers, too. I don't bother chasing them; it's not important how many positives I have, as long as I don't have any negatives.

All in all, I have mostly good things to say about ebay. Sure, some buyers/sellers are difficult, but the standard is much lower at some other auction sites I've used. I've been cheated much more on Scandinavian sites, even with only one tenth the amount of transactions.

My game is art pottery, and I really hate the sellers who don't bother to mention a small nick or hairline crack in the descriptions. It's such a drag having to write lots of e-mails, argue, complain via ebay, not daring to give a negative feedback because I might get a hate in return - which again leads to lots of writing and arguing and lower credibility with the punters.

Often, complaining to ebay is a waste of time. The answer usually points to the rules, which I've already read. But they do help with non-paying and not-received complaints. I've used them a few times, and it helps.

Well, I'm using a lot of space. Just wanted to say that I'm not unhappy.

This is all for now from Norway. I don't know anybody who uses ebay, so this Community is very interesting for me.

NB: Sleipner is Odin's horse with eight legs.
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Hi welcome from the UK, pottery must be a tricky item to post worldwide to ensure the item arrives without a crack or a chip.

Overall I prefer to be a seller than a buyer particularly when some listings I see are so darkly photographed and sloppily written.

Well spending some time scanning these boards is well worth it, help is available in abundance and Auctiva's support is pretty responsive too, no comparison to eBay or PayPal. Cool
Hi and Welcome, Sleipner!!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the boards. You might also like Answer Center, every problem or situation imaginable is addressed. It is sometimes hilarious and ALWAYS informative. Nice folks on those boards, & these as well.

I've been an ebay member for a long time too, and out of thousands of transactions, there have been only a couple bad ones...I guess I've been really lucky!

Glad you're having an enjoyable experience here and it's been nice to meet you! Smile (BTW, my grandparents came from Norway!)
I forgot to say that I have discovered through these pages. A great instrument in checking out both buyers and sellers.

I mostly take a look at what sellers with less than 100% have been up to. I'm not only interested in what when wrong or their level of service, but also in what tone of voice they reply to complaining sellers. Anybody using foul language or derogatory remarks automatically get on my unwanted list. Not because I'm offended by a little swearing, but because its important to keep a civil tongue.

It pays to be courteous.

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