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I am new and working on my first listing with Auctiva. This is a fixed price auction and I have entered the price in the Buy It Now block. However, when I preview the ad, it just says Buy It Now, but does not show a price. When I calculate EBay fees, the correct estimate comes up. Does the price just not show up until the ad is actually posted to EBay?

If an Auctiva listing posted to Ebay is not showing the correct information, how can it be changed? Also, can BIN price be changed on a Auctiva listing just as it can on an EBay listing? Please help - I'm new to Auctiva and waiting to post my listings because I'm unsure of information not showing up correctly. Any help anyone can offer is most appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi vbtrader,

1) Yes, even though the Buy it Now price doesn't show up on the preview, it will be there when the auction is submitted to eBay...sorry for the confusion.

2) Currently, revisions to active listings must be done through eBay so you should be able to revise the Buy it Now price on eBay's "Revise Item" form.



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