Newbie here and really frustrated.

If anyone can offer any help, suggestions I can't begin to tell you how thankful I'll be.

It took me a few days to get down how create a listing (using and altering autivia template), but happy to report I finally figured it out.

Now the must frustrating part of all. I created a listing and posted it a couple of hours ago. It's now ebay Item number: 290209198279 if anyone wanted to take a peak at it, if they can -- because the super strange part: it shows up in my ebay account summary in my 'selling' folder, HOWEVER, if I do a search under the category (clothes, woman, pants) this item/auction is nowhere to be found.

And ... this isn't the first time this has happened. This auction is my second attempt on auctiva. Yesterday I listed another one (Item number: 290208899494) and it did the SAME THING! It wouldn't show up in the cateogory listings.

But on that on I wanted to go back into it on ebay and make some revisions. As soon as I made the revisions it then showed up in the category listings.

(speaking of which, I noticed after I accessed the auction in my ebay account and made the revision it upped my price in fees from what the price auctiva ad estimated that ebay would charge me in fees).

Anyway, I am so completely frustrated and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else -- have you posted a listing here and it now actually show up in ebay auction listings??!!

Advice anyone?

Thanks so much in advance and Kind Regards.
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I also found that things disappeared when I first started using Auctiva. Everything, new and old listings all disappeared from my eBay shop when I signed up to Auctiva. I then read that this happens to everyone and takes about 6 hours to put right. I wish I had been told that before I signed up - I would have registered just before going to bed so that my listing were still showing during peak times. Anyway, as it got towards the 6 hours and they still weren't there I started to feel a bit panicky, but they did come back and now everything's fine.

As for things not showing up in searches, I found that happened whenever I listed an item on eBay, even listing directly on there and not using Auctiva or TurboLister or anything. They show up after a while, but I too find it frustrating - we are after all paying for the few hours when they are not found in the searches.
I read that it could take up to 6 hours because its 3rd party But I have things listed that are ending in a couple hours that were listed days ago and are not showing up and havent showed up since I listed and this isnt the first time. When I relist the items threw ebay they get more hits shows and bids. I like auctiva because you get to use more pictures for better descriptions. But I am paying for listings that arent showing. Am I doing something wrong?
So glad I wasn't the only one that have/had issues with this. It was very helpful to know that because of a 3rd party it can take 6 hours! ...

But now reading other comments left on this thread and learning that people have/had ongoing problems with listings showing up -- in addition to the 6 hr. initial wait -- I'm just a bit concerned.

I posted quite a few more listings today and just to ease my concern (hopefully) I'm going to double-check on my listings to be sure they're showing up. I've been shopping on ebay for years, but I've never sold anything -- I'm new to listing with Auctiva, but also new to posting auctions on ebay in general. That said --Question: Does anyone happen to know if there's a tip to finding your listings aside from searching for them by drilling down on category/ies search?

Some of them I posted this morning well past 6 hours ago, if these listings aren't showing up by now I'm going to be super frustrated. Frown

Anyway, thanks so much in advance if anyone has any tips re: faster way to search for listings.

Kindly, Deana

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