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Happy Days Are Here Again (Although, not on the mainpage)

Here's food for thought: If you were planning (long term plan) of starting an auction service in a highly dominated field (eBay) you wouldn't want Froogle on your mainpage would you? I'm not saying Google will ever try an auction style business format. However, Google has an advantage eBay never had, Google can watch and learn from eBay's mistakes. This is a tremendous edge. I'd say, keep the faith. Hope for the best and adapt to these changing times.

It's all any of us can ever do. Smile
Man o Man!!!! what will sellers now do ????? dad gummit... google went and good as well told buyers.... hey buying is not important here.... and they then got froogle gone... gonna go drown meself in mud puddle..... or dive down a chimney!!!!

google telling buyers.... hey buying here is not important..!!i'm still tearing holes in me socks and ripping curtains and breaking out my windows!!!!
google telling buyers.... hey buying here is not important..

Well, that's -- I suppose -- because it's not. Not at the moment anyway. Froogle is only one of jillion facets of Google and now it's been moved off the front page so they can hype their newest toy.

And I understood what Patrick was refering to -- I just didn't understand what he was saying. I think of of these days he may actually pop.

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