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I have been using Auctiva for a very long time and I have also been using Google Chrome to access it as it is a nice light and extremely fast browser for doing auction listing. Suddenly things are not working when I use Google Chrome, photos will not pop up for selection, once a category is selected the pop up box will not go away, in a fixed price listing the drop down menu does not have 30 days as a selection. Any ideas? This is a huge problem for me as using Google chrome allows me to do 50 listing in 1/3rd the time of any of the other browsers.


Amy Podd

Original Post
Hi Amy,

While we have never sought to make the Auctiva software fully compatible with Google Chrome and generally do not investigate issues specific to Google Chrome, we did not make any changes to our software around the time you posted this thread so I suspect you can resolve these problems through a little troubleshooting.

Since it sounds like several things are not working as you expected, I feel there is a good change that trying one of a few general troubleshooting measures will get things working normally again. The first of those I recommend trying that may help is clearing your cache and then closing and reopening your browser.

If you continue to encounter the same problems after you have cleared your cache, I would then look through the add ons installed on your browser and disable or remove any that you cannot live without.

If that does not do that trick, you might want to try uninstalling your current copy of Google Chrome and then reinstalling a fresh copy of the browser. If you end up going that route, I recommend declining any *extras* you may be asked to install during the reinstallation process to keep the copy as clean as possible.

I hope one of these suggestions helps. If you were to contact our customer support team, you would likely be asked to try using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as those are the two browsers we officially support.

The Mozilla Firefox browser can be downloaded free of charge from If you have never used that browser, I recommend giving it a shot.


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