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You didn't say if it is a color or a wallpaper image for background. Most HTML elements can have the attribute BGCOLOR, eg.


That's the color code for the blue at the top of the Forum page behind the Auctiva logo.

Do you have any code you've created that can be used as a base? If so, copy and paste it to the practicewriter at and post back the link it provides.

ty so much for your reply Danno!alas it didnt help as i really think my head wont take it in.what i am trying to do is a quick easy way of making a background that makes my items stand out on ebay.I actually,after one week managed to get a template onto my listings but the pic of the item i cant get where it should be on it.please check out the items i need for a good background if you have time.
Ideally if i just had 2 colour backgrounds across the board for all leotards then i couls alternate when i have dark fabric or light and the item would still look good?Regards jean

I'm guessing background means "template". I followed your link and looked at everything you are currently selling. I see you found the pink "Ballet Hearts" template. In that pop-up window for selection of template on the one-page lister, you can enter a search word. I used the keyword "dance" and found six templates, two of which are Ballet-type. The other ballet one is "All About Ballet", which is done in browns. I also tried keyword "exercise" for search and found four templates with "Yoga Life" as an interesting possibility.

I see you also sell mens items and was looking for mens workout. Seems I remember one, but with 1500+ templates.... I'll keep looking.

To integrate a picture or pictures inside the template, you select one or more (up to 24) in the Image Selection portion of the one-page lister. When you select the template in the pop-up window, the screen will refresh and you can do placement and organization of the image(s) in the "Customize Layout" box at upper left. As you make the change, you can see the mock-up of the template change on the page to reflect your selections for Grouping and Alignment. The number of images you select there is to just get an idea of how they will be presented in the final.

If you want to create a complete custom template along a theme or adapt an existing template to Auctiva's system, that can be done.

Hope that helps.


Edit: Here's a listing from a member with a template design done for "coffee challenge" in the Forum. The upper flash logo wasn't done by me. Note the integration of the Auctiva Wall store window in the lower section of the template (in place of the scrolling gallery).
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Hello Danno.I looked at the link you sent me and yes it was great!The backgrounds are terrific for what i would need for leotards and swimwear but i really am having difficulty.I looked at the customise layout box and all i could do was modify?I must say your a clever man and i really wish i had just half your brain lol Regards Jean
I looked at the customise layout box and all i could do was modify?

Hi Jean,

There should be three drop-down selectors in the box to customize the template: 1) Images, 2) Grouping, and 3) Alignment. With those three selections, you should be able to customize and visualize the template for placement and display method, e.g. a Grouping of Paired with Alignment Top will cause your images to be paired in twos and positioned between the title and Description in the listing builder. You select the number of images to just get a conceptual of how it will look on the design.

I would try experimenting with all the combinations to see what works best for your needs. I've experimented with all the grouping methods at one time or another for different type items. You can use the PREVIEW in the one-page lister to get a working view of what you create with your own images.


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