Hi All
Completely new to all of this - based in the UK, but like Auctiva - think it has potential to really increase my sales Cool

1 I have 303 active listings and only a few in my scrolling store window on eBay, - and not necessary the few I would have chosen Confused

1a Is there a maximum number of items which can appear in Store Window? Confused

1b Can you alter which items are showcased if there is a limit? Confused

1c If there isnt a limit - how can I show them all? Confused

1d I have 2 which for the last 2 days have been "loading image" not sure how to do a fancy link Confused but see here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=54...TRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
1e The items that went live via TurboLister last night havent got the Scrolling Window - can you please have a look? Its over 12 hours on and I would like them on. Confused
1f I know I am in the UK, is it safe to list through Auctiva? I saw on another posting that you are US ebay.com affiliated? How does that affect us on this side of the pond Eek

Sorry for the ruck of questions - have been fiddling with this since Weds and now stumped
PS- Love the window!
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Hiya Tom

WOW - Now I am impressed. eBay do not always reply to my emails.... or if they do it takes a few days

I have featured some of the items I would really like to sell

Thanks for the info on the UK, as soon as it is live I have a small consortium of friends here in the UK who would be very interested in having a go.

Thanks for the info on the pictures. I have try deleting them out of eBay and re-inserting the pictures but it makes no difference. If you have chance please can you look at the store window in Auctiva as I have approx 10 missing at the last count

Thanks for your help - wow again

Another one I thought of

Can you have more than one version of the store window scrolling. For example I sell books, clothes, shoes.

On a shoe item I would like to scroll more shoes in the window

on the books item I would like to scroll books

or is that just been too complicated and wanting too much!!!

Thanks Tom
Cheers bargain Hunter

Hmmm - looks complicated - might stick to what I have, thanks to you both for the hints and tips. New pictures scrolling beautifully in my store window

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Auctiva Tom T.:
We show up to 20.

Tom, I have 16 current auctions, but only 12 show up in my showcase/window. And, when it gets down to the last 4, the window stops. My own computer may be the problem...not fast enough? I have digital cable but not at the really, really fast speed.

This is one of my auctions...


I switched from horizontal to full to see if that would help, but only 12 show up there also. The missing 4 are active auctions and I used the same master profile on all of them.
oh just had a thought, are the missing auctions re-lists thru ebay? If so, it will not show active - I have no earthly idea why. I am noticing that when i relist thru ebay, the images on file do not show being in an active listing.

Good way to test it, try creating a new ad and insert images. When the image folder comes up - check hide images in active listings and see if those particular pics are there. I am re-doing ads that have been re-listed and need to go to my store, I use the hidden key so I do not want to see pics of items that I already have up.
tennisntrains - FYI you need to remove the Paypal logo with the credit cards from your listings or you HAVE to upgrade your account. I know you have the blurb about not accepting credit cards but it is not good enough. You can actually receive a strike for a non-performing seller since that is in there.

You can go to Paypal --> auction tools and get the HTML code for the Paypal logo without the credit cards on it to paste in your listing.

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