I have been using this APP to upload picture to Auctiva since Jan.  I have had no issues.  but, now the app will either not upload or if it does it stays in pending for some time.


anyone one know a fix.


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Hello Tree,

We are not aware of any issues with the mobile app that would prevent your images from completing upload or that would cause symptoms such as you have described.

A first suggestion is that you log completely out of the app on your device and then ensure it is not running in the background and then launch it, log in and try again.  Please be sure that if you have the device set for use while only on WiFi that you are in range for WiFi.

If the difficulty persists you could also try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it on your device.

Should you continue to experience difficulty, please file a support case using the Support Icon on the Auctiva website or the Help option within the app and let our agents know the difficulty you are facing.  Please be sure to include the make and model of your device as well as the version number of the app you are using and our support team will be happy to look into it for you.

 - Craig

Thank you for your response. I have tried all of that you suggested above
and still no luck. I am using a Samsung 10e phone with app

Hello again,

Given the messaging noted, you may wish to ensure that you are using the current version of the app.  

Please log out of the app and try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it from the Play Store.

If you continue to have trouble after you have done this, please file a support case either from the Help option within the app or using the Support icon on the Auctiva website so we can pass your information along for further investigation.

Please be sure to include your device information as well as the version number of the app if you need to file a case.

 - Craig

I Uninstalled and looked for update. There was nothing.   I guess I will try and get support.  The app worked 2 weeks ago

Thanks for reply.  I am frustrated 

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