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Big Grin Hi guys this is all very new to me first time ever i have purchased from overseas...shipment arrived yesterday..purchased small amount to start with thought i would see how it went...Bought 4 items 3 were exactly how described...One having doubts of authentisity..have emailed my supplier just waiting for a reply..hope things go well for me..have listed the other 3 items plus one that i had stored for a while...shame i cant list the jeans yet..but time will tell...Would like if someone went to my listing and tell me what they think of the way i listed these items..will give you an item no. 19013362666 check out the auctiva store as well...LOve auctiva..they have some awesome templates...thanks guys let me know what u think
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Hi regina I really like the format of your auctions. They have a very eye catching setup. Ilove the .gif animated skull, One thing I do see that you need to correct is your wording is stretching across the screen and you cannot read your item description without scrolling sideways. I have had this happen with some of my auctions before but usually because of having a textbox inserted and it being to wide.This can really hurt a items bidding I have found.Possibly someone can give you an idea what you did. I am sure it is something in your HTML but deconstructing HTML is sometimes such a hassle. Good Luck Steve Razz
Regina this is really strange!! I use 2 different browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. Recently I have been having a problem with Firefox hanging on Ebay pages so have begun using IE 7 for Ebay. I decided to check your auction using Firefox and it is perfect. Confused Reopened it in Internet Explorer and it is a mess!! Confused ON IE 7 your script at the top appears like this::

On Firefox it appears this way!!

RRP $395
I am stumped right now. It has to be the way that Internet Explorer is interpreting the HTML in your auctions. They all appear this way to me the words run across the screen and make it so I have to scroll sideways to view all your description. What browser do you use and what version? Is anyone else out there that is reading this post seeing the same thing I am or am I having a problem with my browser Mad?
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Me again...when i tried to put in ebays counter on my listing for jeans that i just added today it would not let a message box that said ebay refuses your listing as they have put a restriction on how many items i have for sale in a 7 day period Confused Wrote an email to them to explain to me what the H is going on, no reply as yet...but when i go to view my scrolling gallery its there. please explain that one to me? then i get a automated email from ebay stating my listing is there totally confused.....still no counter? Mad
Hi Regina unsure what that message is all about. Was it a popup message or an email? If it was an email be careful. Only respond to messages from Ebay from My Ebay Messages not your email. I assume you already know this but it is so easy to get blindsided.Why do you want ebays counter? Sellathon counter is free and seems to be working OK now. As for the IE7 problem I would suggest filing a support request with Auctiva. You really need to get this fixed as viewing your auctions with Internet EXPLODER(SIC)is very difficult and will probably chase some bidders away hurting your profits! Hard enough to make money on here without problems.
Regina possibly try using a new template other than the dark movie one you are using to do your listings. Possibly there is some sort of bug in that template that is giving the Internet Explorer problem? If you have one of your previous listings you can relist go in and change the template and keep all your other things as is. See if that may work? Let me know if you need any other help. I usually check posts quite a bit but if you need to you may email me @ . I cannot understand why no one else is trying to help you here on these posts. Usually help is abundant on here. Frown By the way I checked your auctions on my work computer with IE6 and they appear the same way. I did spend about 20 minutes trying to searching through your HTML source code to see if I could locate the problem. Could not locate it. It almost has to be a table width, width or Java problem. My thought is Java since it appears fine in Firefox and Firefox is alot less buggy with Java
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Hi Regina,

Looked at your 190133626666 listing and in IE7.0 one has to scroll back and forth to see your listing.

In FireFox that is not the case it fits just fine in the window.

So, what you need to do is send a Support Ticket to Auctiva and get their expert advice on how to resolve this. Go to Help > scroll to the bottom and click on "file a support request." Tell them the problem and you will get the help you need.

P.S. I guess it is one's choice/taste, but the skull thingy and snake is a real turn-off to me. But, that is just me. Smile
Thanks steve and James for your input...I actually had a look with IE and was horrified even my texting is all over the place..Am not impressed at all...Have filed a support request with activa and waiting for a reply...Do u think i should be doing my listings with IE instead of Firefox?.....Steve the message i was receiving and still am with ebay is a pop up window.still no response from ebay as to what is happening..and my jeans are listed...As to your comments James about my skulls and snakes...The skulls are on the template..and personally i love it..The snake was my gif...and i think its cool..going by the number of people actually bidding on the armani shirt...and i still have nearly 5 days to go im extremely pleased..being my first shipment..first time on auctiva..cant be happier...but i do appreciate your input and if we all had the same taste we would be a boring world.... Razz to each his own. Roll EyesSteve thanks for all the time u have spent trying to figure out what is going on with are just great..and i was surprised also that no one was trying to fix my problem..except for you and now James..oh well still love this lounge....has been helpful...Hope to hear from you soon...and I will let you know when i get an email from Auctiva about this problem... Smile great to have nice people on here who listen and respond...
Hi Regina glad I could help. I am happy you looked at your auctions in IE.I WOULD HAVE BEEN HORRIFIED IF THEY WERE MY AUCTIONS AND I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT IT! Hopefully Auctiva gets you straightened out soon. I do not know if posting with IE would help or or not? Confused Truthfully I do not believe it will.Keep me posted and good luck
I'm using IE....I'm not familiar with foxfire...I'm not computer smart and IE came with this computer....don't want to take the chance of goofing things up any more than they already are now by putting foxfire on too.

Guess I couldn't use that model anyway...I have been selling baby things lately and am really sure that he couldn't fit into any of them!

Smile Hi steve,brojames and are u all been a while..anyways finally got a report from auctiva..stating that it could actually be the text that im using...they had a look on two monitors..and are pretty sure its the text...they suggested i use their default text next i will....The model is still hanging around for another day....will miss him... Roll Eyes Thanks again guys for all your this forum...good luck to everyone on here....

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