Nice template! Smile

Hey Tom, at the other place we had what is called a, 'Template Warehouse' thread for shared custom templates. I think it's a sticky but I'm not sure. Wahm922 would know.

Anyway, maybe we can do the same thing here?
Actually the Template Warehouse is not part of SD. The members created the templates and another member has them all hosted on a website outside of SD. The images are the only thing hosted on SD at this time Wink

About every 6 months or so the practice board will clean house so all the links become no good and the templates lost. That's why the warehouse was created.

A sticky might be a good idea since I have a few more I'll be posting later on this weekend!

Good evening!
You have some really fine minds coming over here that can make some mighty wonderful templates.

I have a great deal of respect for them and glad to see that you do, too!

Take care, Donna
Originally posted by wahm922:
Here's a holiday template to share with all of you. Just my way of saying thanks for all the help.

Hollar if ya need help changing the image layout or anything Wink

Whee! Thanks! You're the best. Now, if I find a really cool graphic and I want to put it in as a new background with your borders, how do I go about doing that and still give you credit? I know how to change the background image, I'm just wondering how and if I give you credit. I also left you some messages over at the AM board.
I love your template. It is simple enough not to distract from the item for sale, yet elegant enough to add to the listing. Now, can you help and idiot figure out where to plug it in and how to use it? Thanks so much for sharing.
Go to the Listings tab up top and then to Custom Templates - second box on the right - then to Create.

Copy and paste the HTML from the practice board into the box, make sure the tab is checked for HTML and not Design.

Save and then you should be good to go Wink
Smile WOW glad wahm922 your here and who ever else is here from the other place, now we can have your guys great work on AUCTIVA YEAHHH Wink
If by chance my plain jane template don't catch your eye may I suggest taking a peek at KWKDesigns. She does great work and I highly recommend her.

She did both my logos and a template to match, which I even used as my ME page.

I am even bidding on a great holiday template she has up right now Wink

Visit for all your graphic & web design needs. Also selling on eBay under ID kwkdesigns
If anybody is using the first template check the background image. I made the little mistake of hosting it at the other place and have since deleted it. I updated the HTML is the first post up above to replace the image.

Sorry if it caused any problems Confused

If someone happens to have an auction running with the wrong image link let me know and I can put the image back up until the 15th of this month or you can revise it on ebay. Just let me know!
Hi, I put the image back where it was so your template will be fine until the 15th. after that my account where it is hosted will no longer be current so any new auctions you list using the template just make sure you use the new one I posted.

Again I'm sorry for the boo boo Frown

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