I would love to know if homeschool items will be able to be sold on the Auctiva e-commerance. I know eBay and half.com will not allow it (secret contract?) and there is a huge community of people that would love to be able to sell homeschool items.

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When you say "homeschool items" are you referring to teacher-edition textbooks? Amazon sells them, as well as many other online sites--I think eBay probably just banned the sale of them (along with a ton of other merchandise) for legal reasons (kids buying the books to cheat with? who knows???)

I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to sell those items--if other sites are allowing it, why not this one? Smile
I'm not sure about Amazon but I do not believe that eBay's concern is jr high or high school kids getting a copy of the books and cheating. 1- the kids would have to have thier parent's credit card or Paypal 2- Doesn't a person have to be 18 to have a eBay account. 3- eBay sells sex toys, racist items and a million other items teens shouldn't get but they don't care so why should eBay care if the kids cheat? PLUS, just because a book is the teacher's edition does not mean that all the answers are there. Kids do have to write essays and stuff like that too that aren't in the book. I think that eBay gets some type of kick-down or money insentive to not let people sell any type of homeschool teacher/parent edition items at all.

Just my 2 cents!

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I also do not understand why you decided that you cannot sell materials for training. There are many other sites, not only Auctiva. And you need it here?

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