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Thanks kbalona,
My listings have been up for a few days. It looks like the window is only displaying, maybe 20-25 of my items. The other 75 or so are not there. Now I know that my customers are not going to sit through 100 listings in the window, but I was kind of hoping that the window would pull in all of the listings. Is there an option somewhere that allows me to decide how many items the window will showcase? I know that I keep items from showing, but I'm looking for somewhere that I can tell Auctiva to show all...
Hi Monkeyboy,

No, it is not possible to make the store window display all your items...unless you have 14 or less items.

The store window is set to display 14 of your active listings at a time and is refreshed every 2 hours. Each time the store window refreshes, it is populated with another 14 of your current listings that are ending around the same time as the next auction of yours that is viewed.


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