i just found out about the showcase...is there somewhere in the create ads area to add the showcase or will it automatically be there
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So I've listed 10 items so far and I don't see any store or showcase. It is enabled in my preferences, however. Any suggestions?
I still don't see showcase in my listings. I'm running on a Mac OSX 10.4 and using Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer and I have all the right plug-ins in my internet plug-in folder. Any suggestion?
hmmm strange Midnight ... Did you list with Auctiva or did you upload through Turbolister?

Only thing I can suggest right now is to go to the showcase page and copy the HTML code it and insert into your auctions where you want it placed. I would save it as a template and just use it for listing from now on.
Originally posted by Auctiva Tom T.:

1.) list with us

2.) insert the HTML we provide into your template and use it when listing your auctions elsewhere.

Revising auction rather than appending as we do would take several additional API calls which we'd have to pay eBay for. That in turn would raise our costs to the tune of $20k a month or so more. Which is why every other service charges and we don't. So while it's not the best solution it's the free one for now.

The best option would be to list your items with us. That still leave you open to manage them elsewhere if you need. Is there a certain feature you'd like that we don't have in terms of our lister?

Yes I plan to list new auctions with auctiva for showcase but with 1000 items already up it would just be too time consuming to edit each one. I guess thats why vendio charges so much every month for it. I want to stop using vendio altogether in future but since they were originally listed with them its easier like you said to just put the auctiva code in when its time relist them.
Is there a way to import full listing so after it closes I could then relist with auctiva with showcase maybe similar to how mr.grabber imports to ioffer. Maybe somekind of one time fee to add it initially and then relist them in future with auctiva? Just a thought since probably most vendio gallery users with many items would switch over. Thank you.
vanman - I can check for you; but I have heard of a program that will allow you to update all of your ebay listings at once. I had heard about it when sellers were wanting to update their auctions with hurricane updates. Let me find the link and I will post it. Maybe it could save everyone some time Big Grin

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