What are the load of problems you are having? If you post them maybe we can help

The only posts I can see from you relate to the scrolling gallery.

You can turn this off quite easily

Click on Store
You'll see under the gallery preview it says "scrolling gallery is enabled"
click on enabled. This will take you to your account settings.
Scroll down a bit until you see Listing enhancements
Under this section it says Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings then a drop down box, change this to No.

This will stop the gallery showing up in any future auctions, however to remove it from your current auctions you need to go into ebay and remove it.
Go into each auction, and click on revise, then at the item description click on the html tab. look for the text that starts and ends with <!--ASW-->. This should easy to find depending on where you have your scrolling gallery to show, if its at the top of the auction this will be the first section of the html, if its at the end, then this section of text will be at the bottom.

Delete everything in between and including the two <!--ASW-->.

Any other problems let us know and we will try to help.
I would agree that there is a definite learning curve when using Auctiva...but there are many sources for learning. There is the education tab, information is always available from veteran users (though I warn you to ignore the snippy responses of veterans who are sick of the same questions :-).
But it is really worth the effort to learn Auctiva and take advantage of it's features. I have used it for most of my Ebay sales, and found it so much better than Ebay's turbo lister.

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