Does anyone kinow how to close an account on here. I have looked everywhere and cant find a thing. Have tried opening a customer support case but it only indicates a red folder thing. They haven't actually contacted me at all! Or could I just cancel my subscription through paypal??
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Go to any page (make sure you're not in 'community') and CLICK on ACCOUNT at the top. Then to the lower right there's a link for closing your account.
Hi healingwords & mojobooks,

Yes, as long as you are already logged in, you will see the “Cancel Account” option if you click (not just mouse over) the “Account” tab.

If you are just taking a break from eBay, or would like to cancel your subscription plan for another reason, you also may want to consider switching to our Free Plan instead.

Remaining on the Free Tools plan will allow you to keep your Auctiva account active and continue using our scrolling gallery in your listings at no cost in case that is something which interests you.

You can change to our Free Plan by mousing over the “My Account” tab within your account, selecting the “Change Plan” option, clicking the “Looking for our Free Tools?” link below the main subscription plan grid and then proceed as directed.

If you need any further assistance making the desired change, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team directly from under the “Help” tab on our site and we will be happy to continue working with you.


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