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Sorry if I should know this answer but I have not been here in a while. As far as I knew Auctiva used to be free because they were funded by the profits from insurance sales. Has eBay already eliminated them because I have not seen any Auctiva checkouts in a long time? If not how will this new change affect us as sellers. I want to be loyal to Auctiva but every time there is a fee increase it comes out of my pocket. I know this is one way ebay can squeeze out it's competition. It has little to do with customer expectation of shipping insurance.
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What will happen now is that you as a seller will have to purchase Auctiva insurance. Auctiva will no longer be allowed to offer it to your buyers through their check out.

In order for you to make any additional revenue, you will have to add the USPS insurance rate to either your item starting price or a handling fee in your shipping calculator and then purchase the insurance from the Auctiva web site.

Be careful of adding too much on your shipping though, because you could get burned in "best match" searches. ebay is rolling out a new incentive called "top seller" based on DSR rating. get just two 1 or 2 star ratings for shipping and handling cost, and you won't qualify for "top seller" and all of your listings will get stuck on the last pages of "best match" searches.
"Of course you can choose to purchase insurance on shipments, but not ask buyers to buy insurance separately. In some categories like Antiques, Collectibles, and Jewelry, shipping insurance for sellers is essential. When appropriate, you can include the cost of insurance in your item or shipping price."

What a bunch of b.s. - ANOTHER reason to LEAVE ebay. They are padding THEIR wallets with the $$$ that YOU are adding to your bottom line to provide insurance to your customer. YOU are charged extra in Starting Fees and Final Value Fees so Ebay can suck more money out of the seller's wallet and boost their falling stock price at your expense.

What??? Do they think sellers on their site are just idiots or what?

They are if they continue to stay....

This site is like a badly run company that can't just leave well enough alone.
I guess as long as you have $$ from selling Skype and other stuff you may as well spend it. They sure are going to need it when more people leave. Contrary to what others say, I don't like "Hope and Change".
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I have 2 questions:
1) How does one tell how much insurance to charge for (incorportate) into you shipping costs/handling fees if you have no idea how much the item will sell for at auction end?
2) I've always charged $1.00 for handling costs on previous auctions on my sell your item form on Auctiva, however, it does not add it to the invoice to my buyer----am I doing something wrong? Because of this, I have been just adding an extra pound to my calculated weight instead. Works fine this way, however, I'd rather that my buyer knew that I was charging for a handling fee---
Hi marleneM
Looks like nobody else yet has tried to help you so,I will have a go. When I sell I use fixed price postage locally (I'm in Australia) so I quote the post cost and add $2 to the post cost (ie real cost 10 so I quote 12 as local fixed price. For international, I use the calculated postage and at the bottom of that section is a little box to type in the $2 I charge, that then sends invoices (I use ebay invoices not auctiva) at sale close with the handling added to the post to client. I don't think that blank box will add to fixed quote as it seems to only add onto calculated postage.
Hope that helps you

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