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i'm a newbie possible transplant from SD and i tried to create a listing from a Master Profile and it was fairly unsuccessful.

first off: can i use html in my descriptions? i tried to use my own personal 'description template' for a listing but it didn't register as html and i couldn't figure out if there was a way to change that or what???

2nd: i use the same payment details in all of my listings which is also coded in html. where do i insert that?

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i got it now! just finished my first successful listing through Auctiva and it looks to be pretty painless from here on out.

my next question is if i can choose 'text mode' as the default instead of 'Design Mode'

i saved it that way in my profile but when i create a listing using my Master Profile it reverts to Design Mode. not a big deal really but i like to save as much time as possible.

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