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I am trying to create a new auction template using HTML provided by my ebay store designer.

I cut and pasted her HTML into the create template box. I then highlight and type over the spaces she created for my TOS.

It all shows up fine on the Practice Board (disregard the titles in the template - we're still tweaking). However, when I try to save the template, I receive the following message:

You must use one, and only one, description tag in your template. Choose [DESCRIPTION] or [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES].

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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When you look at your template in Auctiva after pasting in the html code, switch over to "Design Editor". In this view, you will see what your template will look like on auctiva. See where it says "Type Your Description Here"? You need to replace that with the descrition tag that auctiva uses. Basically highlight that by dragging your mouse and then replace it by clicking on where it says "Description" in the left hand margin. I just tried it and saved it and it worked (no errors).

I just had a template made it too but had to insert some tags. You can also do the same for pictures so that you do not have to insert the URLs into your html. You just set up the auctiva tags and then you can choose your images through the listing page on Auctiva. The same can be said for your terms of sale as there are tags for those too.

If you have more questions (I am not always clear) please feel free to ask for more help!

I am not really familiar with practiceboard so I am not sure how to go about deleting it there. I think it would be safer to keep the html in a notepad file on your computer as a backup (that is where mine is).

I was able to paste your html into my auctiva account and look at it and save it (don't worry I will be deleting once I get back to my templates Wink) so I really question how secure it is. I would delete the link to Practiceboard you have in your original post.

Maybe someone can shed some light on how secure templates are in Practiceboard.

Sorry I did not give the instructions to delete the link has been hectic and I was not thinking.

Log in to the message boards and go to that post. At the bottom right hand side, you will see three little icons - two little folders and one triangle. Click on the middle one (folder with a pencil). Here you can edit your post and delete the link. You are the only one that can edit your own posts so the edit link does not show up for me.

Hope that is clear! Again, sorry.

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