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I'm having real problems uploading images. I keep getting Java/ActiveX messages. I've tried using Firefox 22(my usual browser) & IE8, cleared my cache, but still no joy.
It seems I'm not the only Auctiva customer with upload problems, but I don't see any good news from Auctiva about this problem.

Please can you help?
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One of the things we have to browser jump for is to use the uploader. Been that way for about 9 months now. This issue is really not on your end.
This issue has been reported ad nauseum for months and months and isn't getting fixed for some reason, so all we have are workarounds.
You can read back here on the board as there are several threads and posts on this issue.

Do not disable your Java. It will make your computer vulnerable to a slew problems.

First your Internet Explorer needs to be updated. You are going to have issues in general using such an outdated version. At the very least update to IE9 as Auctiva has other compatibility issues with IE10.
You can try using IE (once updated to a newer version) or use Chrome to upload pictures.

You can also use the basic uploader which will work most of the time in any browser.
Hi Bumpersplus,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. We actually just addressed a technical issue this morning which was causing some users to receive errors when attempting to install the Active X control that is required to use the Auctiva Uploader through Internet Explorer so, assuming you were impacted by that issue, you should now be able to upload successfully through Internet Explorer once again.

I am not aware of any current issues that would prevent you from being able to use the Auctiva Uploader through Firefox (which uses Java), but there is a compatibility issue between the version of the uploader we are using and some recent updates to Java which can cause warnings to be generated during the upload process.

If you receive one of these warnings and you select the “Don't Block” option in the warning prompt that is generated by Java, you should be able to proceed with the upload process.

We are currently working to implement a new version of the uploader which will not generate these Java warnings when used through Firefox and Chrome and we expect to have that in place in the near future.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the “Help” tab on our site and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

Thanks Mike D But still not working.

Still not working in Firefox 22.
In IE 8 I get:
The ActiveX uploader control has not been installed:
Please click on this link to install or update the ActiveX uploader from the image uploader page.
(Clicking link doesn't work).

I'm using Windows XP(SP3).

I'm getting desperate now. Can you suggest an alternative to Auctiva I can use to get listing on ebay again?


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