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Hello whppdhubby, sounds as though you are in some serious need of attitude re-adjustment.
You hen-pecked weasel why would you want to come here and try to post SPAM?
Is it because you have a wife that makes fun of your imaginary male anatomy parts?
Grow some cojones and stand tall and proud with the rest of the MEN and yes auctiva asylum ladies I include you in this fold also( As posters, not as henpecked or otherwise!).
I am a vehement defender of free speech but when some PITA piece of crap weasel comes and tries to post garbage on these boards I will jump on that in a minute.
This forum is for people that truly want help and are willing to give help.
Perhaps you should call 1-800-GRO-ASET and ask about the special they have on on male anatomy parts?
Any Auctiva asylum regulars care to add on to this post?
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Hi Jeff, thanks for the invite but unfortunately if I voiced my heart felt opinion about spamming and BIN bandits on here I would become an evolutionary linguistic throwback and probably not only blow up the cussing filter but probably get the site closed down.

So ... calm comment Cool

Not surprisingly after what I have been writing about "Crumbing the new board disease" recently it just prooves spammers do not care and why should they and I am sure they will be back after suspension to resume their 'business'.

Then when banned for good will sign up again under a different name, I reckon the 'cussing filter' will be working overtime to fend off retaliatory strikes.

Tweaking a well known statement "There are none so illiterate as those who will not read".

So all that can be done is to enhance this site's automatic defence systems so we can get on with what we are here for, making some legitimate money in an international marketplace and to use these boards for the exchange of information and pleasant discussion.

Just a thought - maybe "whppdhubby" enjoys a good flogging Razz

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