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Okay, I have an ebay store, but I wanted to have a template so I saw this free templates through auctiva & signed up. I didn't really that is was a seperate listing site. I need to know do I need to cancel my ebay store? and how do I get my auctiva store to upload to ebay? I am like really lost here. Please help me. (and please don't talk about me for not knowing what I'm doing)
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Don't worry, this isn't one of those places where people get mean and nasty when you don't know what to do. I think you'll find many people here that are happy to help Smile

First and foremost, Auctiva is a listing tool - that's it's primary function, and it does it pretty well. You can also store your images online on Auctiva's servers. There is an added benefit of being able to list as many pics in your listing as you would like, without being charged extra (eBay charges extra for more than one pic). You can also schedule your auctions to list at specific times and dates at no extra charge (ebay charges extra to schedule listings). There's also a "transactions" console to help manage your customer interactions/emails/feedback/etc.

A bunch of other stuff, too. Feel free to poke around a bit and get to know the place. You can check here for some helpful advice:

Down at the bottom of that page is the link to submit a help ticket to Auctiva Support. They're very helpful folks.

Of course, Auctiva has a lot of templates to choose from, as well. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an expert, so I can't help you much there, but there's a "Templates" forum where you can post any questions you may have.

There's no need to cancel your eBay store! Auctiva's storefront is a great supplement for your eBay store, but it is not a replacement for it. Auctiva Store is basically a place where all of your eBay store listings and auctions are centralized in one place. You can also set up a blog there, or use the scrolling store window in your eBay listings to cross sell your other items.

It's a lot of stuff to learn, but just post any questions you may have along the way, and people will be happy to help.
on a small "side note"....i would add, for those of you that are very new to the ebay listing concept, understanding the use of the "auctiva store" vs the "ebay store" may pose a bit of a challenge as it is still quite confusing!

personally, i think the idea is "nice"....but frankly, how may ebayers know to click on the link within the scrolling auctiva window to access the auctiva store when everyone is pretty much (hopefully) programmed to click the red door icon for the ebay store at the top of the screen...not too many...

i'm not dismissing it, but like the above poster mentioned, they are under the impression that they don't need an ebay store if they have an auctiva's very confusing for the newbies! thank goodness we're all here to *hopefully* help them... Big Grin

regardless, i digress......of course my post doensn't really answer their question....i guess it was more of a wild "tangent" i went off on than anything...i do that...i'm tired....i've been up since yesterday and still need to go to sllleeeeeeppppp....

so kindly excuse my "useless" post....*he, he, he*

kathleen Razz

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