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Hi there everyone,
I am having a problem. I created a table and used a background image in the center of the table. For some reason the image is tiling x4 instead of being one image. The image file is exactly the right size and does not need to stretch. Just to be sure I resampled the image into 2x the original size to see if it would make a difference. It did not. How can I get this image to quit tiling and just be one image? Please see the practice board for the code. It is real easy to spot in the code because it has a lot of pixel info around it because of the border surrounding this cell in the table.

Thanks for any suggestion that anyone may offer.

To explain is the star image in the center of the template. The description goes here. I want there to be one star image and not 4 stars. The star picture is getting resized when I upload it. The dimensions of the pic has been exactly cut in half of its original dimensions. How do I stop this from happening?
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Dear dixiedoodle_oo:
The code that you are using is background="" border="0" stretch=""

When you include any parameters inside your code you need to make sure that you include all of them. Try putting a zero inbetween the quotes after stretch, like this:
background="" border="0" stretch="0" That should fix the problem.
How this helps,
I don't think that your issue is with the "stretch" not being defined...but rather that you are seeing the default behavior of IE when the size of the Table exceeds the size of the image.

What you are up against is the fact that Auctiva is, as you said, resizing your image and that means that you are going to get the tiling effect going on...

I don't think you can change the way Auctiva resizes images, causes that is the way they do it here...but you might be able to find some other place to host that one picture and then you'd be able to see if it works correctly.

From everything I know about putting an image as a background in a table, you'll need to keep the table the same size as the image. Otherwise it will tile...



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