Hello all, my daughter and I together sold on Ebay. I am now going to sell on my own on Ebay and I want to change the email and the account name. She no longer is selling. The auctiva account has always been mine but the Ebay account was hers. So I will be opening a new Ebay account and I would like my Auctiva account to match. All the pictures will stay the same. Can anyone help me? Thanks Kitty
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Hi Kitty,

You can update your email address in your account preferences, just mouse over the My Account tab and choose Acct. Preferences from the drop down. The email section is towards the bottom on the next page. As for using your account with your new eBay account, you will likely need to generate a new token once you have your new eBay Id set up. I can't recall the process, but its listed in the Auctiva FAQs or their support dept can help with directions. For changing your username for your Auctiva account, I haven't done this before but I think that can only be done by Auctiva. You would need to contact their support dept and they should be able to assist you with making that change!

Easy peasy! Smile
I've changed my username on eBay several times but am unable to change my username here - if that's what the question is about. I guess it still says my same old auctiva user name in my store window. Haven't checked lately.
Hello hippophile1 -

If you wish to update your Auctiva username all you need to do is file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know what you wish to change it to and our support team can take care of that for you.

- Craig

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