I used Deletion Wizard and deleted all photos 90 days and older. It went through the motions and deleted them, well put them in a Deleted Image folder. I go back and try 90 days and older and it says I have zero. I put in 1 day and older and it shows that I have 1500 images at 157MB to delete. So that would mean that is what I have still on file with Auctiva right? Then whey does auctiva want to charge me $29.95 for image hosting this month? I emailed support and they told me they DO NOT count the images in the Deleted Images against me. So then why do I only have 157MB of images and they want me to pay $30 on top of the $10 for this month??? They tell me to go to active images and put it so that it displays the oldest first. I do...and there are images from 2006 in there. I go back to the Deletion Wizard and it says there are zero images older than 180 days to delete. Auctiva support then tells me "well I might have to pay this month until I can get it under cap". Are you kidding me??? It says I have 157MB left to delete ONLY. I am supposed to have 1GB of space for $9.95...and Auctiva Support assured me that they DO NOT count the images in the Deleted Images folder. So then once again WHY am I being billed $30 additional dollars for July??? I have asked them to tell me the number of images that "they show" that I have that are current, and to tell me how many that I have in the Deleted Images. None of this makes any sense and they have stopped emailing me back. I deleted the images yesterday. They told me they don't count against me. So why do I need to pay???
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You are using 16.3 gigs. The wizard can only delete images that it can associate with listings. Listings that are years old or that were relisted with eBay during that time lose the

Go to this page:

Set your images per page to 100 images.

Then click the "Upload Date" column. That should reverse the order and you will now see your oldest images first.

You can then check the box to the left of the word Thumbnail and that will select all 100 images on that page. Then click the word delete. That will delete 100 images a time. Unfortunately if I had to guess you probably have around 750+ pages of images.

Later in July we will be creating more image deletion tools. That should help you clear these out pretty quickly. Also as long as you clear up all these extra images before the end of July we won't be billing you for any of the extra space. As long as you delete the images in July you'll only need to pay the $9.95 for the month with your 1 gig free image hosting since it sounds like you'd only be using 157 megs after all those older images are erased.

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