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Hi, I'm new and am working my way through to upload my first auctions. I'm going to have another question going into the template section of the forum. After reading through here about images, do I understand correctly that you can basically upload any size and if you keep the ratio of the original as 4:3 it will conform to Auctiva's auto-resize and therefore your images will have a uniform appearance?

I tested some because my main goal, after uniform appearance, is to have the supersizes show lots of closeup detail. Does that mean I should upload a larger image file? But if so, will Auctiva use the upload size as the supersize size (i.e., is user ever at risk for having a supersize that's way too big, or will Auctiva always reduce even the supersize to a manageable viewing size?)?

Also, if I do not have a template is there any way for me to control the color of the picture border if border is enabled?

Last, I can't figure this out from the other threads, is there ever a way for images to appear vertical--i.e., 3:4 instead of 4:3---or will it always be 4:3?

Thank you very much for any help! I really appreciate it.
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I was able to answer one part of my question above--that is, it is totally okay to use vertical images. The images you upload do not have to themselves be 4:3 or 400x300 pixels. However, whether all images appear uniform size on auction page depends on whether you save them all to the same size before uploading to Auctiva. At least I think that's correct, having tested some more.

But the rest I'm still not sure about.

Thanks again.
The 4:3 aspect ratio is generally in keeping with what a digital camera produces. It also conforms to the maximum (Supersize) Auctiva will resize at 1024 W x 768 H. Note, a Portrait vs. Landscape would then have a maximum Height of 768 after resize in their system. A picture taken in the vertical or portait mode with a 4:3 ratio cam should resize to 576 W x 768 H after upload. Auctiva calls that stored image the original or _o.jpg, as it appears in your Image library, but it's use is the Supersized image.

That same image should also be resized and stored automatically as a 225 W x 300 H default for the standard/default image for lisings and a 60 W x 80 H thumbnail with _tp.jpg and _th.jpg names. Those sizes are restricted to max of 400 x 300 and 80 x 80, repectively.

Once you understand the maximum dimension limit for storage for each picture type, the aspect ratio is maintained and reflected in the resize produced. That dimension limit is then used for accurate display and presentation in the listing, e.g. 2 portrait or 1 landscape and portrait side-by-side using Paired for mode of display on a template should appear with equal vertical heights. Note, that assumes that the resizes for each produced a default for both images with a 300 pixel height.

Normally, I stick with 1.7MP on my camera for uncropped images and higher settings for pre-cropping of my photos prior to upload, and let Auctiva do the resizing for optimum presentation with least pixilation.

The colors chosen for borders are custom to the template. You can turn off borders. You would have to play with the HTML code using export feature to change color. You could turn off the borders and create your own with a desktop picture editor. I use MS PhotoDraw alot for just that purpose.

Hope that helps and doesn't confuse.


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