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Hi sellers! We're resolving a small issue impacting some users' images and the ability to contact support. Everything should be running smoothly in just a couple of minutes. Your images are all fine and will be showing as normal with no extra work very shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Director of Marketing, Auctiva

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Hello Community -

Apologies again for the difficulty and confusion this has created. 

Please know that no data was lost and all of your images are still saved in your accounts.

The issue which occurred earlier today has been resolved, however, it may take some time for all images to display in all locations while the stored image data propagates outward to the delivery servers.  This will result in intermittent display behavior of these images until this completes.  We expect this to complete within the next few hours, again depending on location.  Unfortunately, I am unable to provide more location specific information, but we do expect all images to display properly in all locations once this has completed.

 - Craig

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