I've created an auction listing with 22 photos but once I post the listing, the photos do not show up. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

From the create new listing page, I scroll down past the description section and find the "Auctiva Image Selection" section that shows 25 "Select Image" widget. I select all 22 individual images. When I click on the preview button at the bottom, the photos show up at the top right of the listing (like thumbnail gallery) though I do NOT see them in the description section.

I had this happen to another listing I had created earlier and fixed it by going to "Active Listings" and then clicking on the "Add Images" action icon. Initially, it doesn't show any photos from my folder "bed and mattress". If I select "Show images in active listings" then they show up. If I add all the images and then save, then they show up on ebay. That said, they show up at the bottom of the page - not in the description - with a comment to the effect of "Updated by seller on ....". I fixed that by going to ebay directly and revising the listing.

I should not have to go thru so many hoops. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

Another somewhat related question: in the process of revising on ebay's site, I noticed a section for "Add item specifics" which allows a seller to provide data such as brand, model, and other items related to the category. I didn't see this on Auctiva. Is that not available?
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Hello egravel -

to answer your last question first, Custom Item Specifics are available on the Auctiva lister once you have selected a category that makes use of them. Currently this option is available for appropriate categories just beneath the Item Condition Note field. The link will open a popup to add the Custom Item Specifics.

As for the issue with your images, it sounds like you may have added your images after you selected your template so the template selector was unable to acknowledge them. If you select your images prior to adding a template to your listings, the template selector will set to the number of images you have in your listing - otherwise, when you add your template you need to adjust the pull down for Images to the appropriate number.

If you are using an item details profile that has the template preselected, you can define the number of images on the template selector and then save the profile so the selector already has an appropriate number of images in it. If the number of images you use in listings varies, you can always set the Images pull down to 24 when assigning a template to your profile (note that have additional images selected in the template selector will not affect your listing if you use a lesser number of images than the selector is set for, but if you add the template first, it does not find any images and is set to 0, so when you add the images later none show in the template).

- Craig
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the reply. I'm using a master profile that has the template already selected.

I see that your last paragraph talks about if I have a template preselected. I'm guessing that's referring to instances such as master profiles. The rest of that answer seems to deal more with telling the template how many images you want. In my case, when I create a new listing, "My Master Profile" has template laout "Paired Bottom 1" and Skin "Joy", images "0". I'm guessing that's what your referring to? That said, just below the listing descript, I have "Auctiva Image Select" with 24 images that I can select.

This is a bit confusing.
Ok I figured out what you were trying to explain. I went and edited my item details profile and updated the tempalte layout. I was able to select the number of images there. It now shows a nice 2 column photo gallery at the end of my description.

Is there a way for me to go update all my previous listing where I had to do that dance to get images added which showed up with only 1 column. It makes for a very long listing which might detract users from bidding.

Thanks for the help!
Hello egravel,

Apologies if I was not clear enough, but it sounds like you got your profile working the way you wish.

As for the Saved Listings you've already done, you can go back in to them and remove the profile and then reapply it and that will ensure that if you repost those listings they post the way that you wish. You can use the Advanced Edit tool to reapply the template to them in bulk, and change the image selector there.

For your already active listings, unfortunately, there is no way to make this change in bulk. You would need to update the saved listing and then use the HTML from that listing to update the active listing on eBay, as long as it is eligible for revision. Here's how:

- Find your listing in your Saved Listings folder, make any necessary changes, and save.
- Click the Get HTML button to the right of the item on your Saved Listings page with the icon: </>
- use the Select All button and then copy the HTML in the popup window that shows
- Locate the item on eBay and open the "Revise Your Item" form.
- Scroll down to the "Description" section and then make sure that it is on the HTML tab.
- Delete the existing description HTML, paste the copied HTML in its place, preview your changes and continue and confirm your changes.

- Craig

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