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Well, it's been a year since I started this thread. The site still says "Create, import, manage inventory items, track availability and cost of inventory items." and there is still no import facility. The only response in that year has been "We are currently developing this feature.".
I guess they've been too busy making the site 'prettier' to actually work on the functionality.
Hi Community,

While we were planning on developing functionality to import inventory items from active listings, saved listings, and CSV files back when we were initially creating the inventory tools, we have since had to defer the development of those features to allocate our resources to other projects. We still have those features on our list of things to consider adding when planning future site updates, but I can't say definitively if/when they will be added.

I will be sure to pass this thread along to our project management team to let them know your desire to see these options implemented.

Is this the right Forum for Bulk Upload problems?

Having the darndest time getting a .tsv file to save to .txt, and copying to Notepad is not working.

Error after Error and no Bulk upload.

I have hundreds and maybe 1,000's of listing I can do, but Auctiva is frustrating me.

Anyone good with Bulk uploading, I could get some help please.

I have a Excel sheet with 750 items, ready to go, and I am going no where currently.



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