Hi new and having A LOT of problems getting started. I have watched the videos and read the tutorials. My test case for using this product is relisting some of my imported listing and every step seems buggy or counter intuitive.

My latest hiccup --the image files were not big enough for ebay. How could they not be big enough they were the same photos I used before.

Anyways, help would be great.
Melly Mel
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Hello MellyMel,

If you refer to images from items directly imported from eBay - the images we receive from eBay are not the full size of the images you uploaded to eBay. We are only able to import at the size that eBay has available at this time.

We are aware of this issue and are looking into alternatives for the import of images that were not initially uploaded to your Auctiva account, but at this time, we have no estimate on when more information regarding this issue will become available. I will update this thread with more information regarding this issue as soon as more information becomes available.

- Craig
Hello again,

I am following up with this thread to let you know that our engineers have made some adjustments on our end to prevent difficulties with the image sizes when importing listings from your Closed Listings into your Saved Listings.

We are now importing the largest image size available from eBay so you should not need to resize or re-upload images for imported listings.

- Craig

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