When you import your listings from Ebay using the token, and it imports all your listings with images, if you have say 4 GB of images, do you automatically end up in the plan to pay for the additional 2 GB over the pro plan?
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Hello dutchman48 -

When you first create an Auctiva account we do import your active listings to the Active Listings page of your account, but we do not automatically import all of these listings into your Saved Listings - we only import a few as a sample and these would have the related images imported. The other listings created on eBay and imported into your Active Listings are not stored as Saved Listings and the image for the other listings are not imported and saved.

In order to save other listings to your Auctiva account, you would need to use the Import Listings tool from the Closed listings page of your account, so when you generate your eBay token, it is only a sample of your currently active images that would get imported in to the Image Management area of your Auctiva account.

- Craig
Hello again,

Apologies for any lack of clarity in the last response.

Please note that you cannot import from Active to Saved directly - our system does this with a few sample items from eBay when you initially create your account as a sample, but there is no functionality available for you to be able to import from the Active Listings directly to your Saved Listings.

To import into your Saved Listings you would need to have items end so that they appear on the Closed Listings page of your Auctiva account and there is a tool on the Closed Listings page to Import to Saved. This will move the listing data into your Saved Listings and the related images from that listing into your Image Management area (note: there are some locations where images may be hosted where we may not be able to import the images as well).

When you import to Saved from Closed, your listing should still look the same and have the same images in it so you would not need to add the images again, although the images themselves should then show in the description editor with your listing data and would not show in the Auctiva Image Selection area of the listing creation page.

Should you encounter any difficulty with this process, please feel free to let us know the details of what occurs for you including the title of a listing or two where you run into trouble in a support case. You can file a support case at any time from under the Help tab of our site.

- Craig
Is the API not supposed import active listings from Ebay into Auctiva?

Is this no longer true?

Once you have generated your eBay token, your active listings will be automatically copied to your Auctiva account. It typically takes 6-12 hours for all of your active listings to be imported into your Auctiva account and appended with the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery.
I did a whole bunch more digging and I gather this was available at one time and Auctiva for some reason removed it.

It seems more and more that Auctiva is no longer suitable for existing Ebay sellers unless you want to completely redo all the listings.

Not sure why many companies can import all the listings in short order and Auctiva can't of won't.
Hi dutchman48,

I think there was a miscommunication. Just to clarify, we pull your active eBay listings into Auctiva and they're shown on the Active listings page. Once those listings end, they're moved from the Active listings page and are then shown on the Closed listings page. Craig was describing how you can import a closed listing into a saved listing.

As for importing images, I cannot give a definite answer as image files are unique and vary in size.
However, I can tell you:
An image size of 1280px x 852px is about 67.04KB.
2GB / 67.04KB is 29,832.93.
So you can have around 29,000 images of the size 1280 x 850 in your Activa account and not accumulate any overages if you're in the Pro Plan which supports 2GB of image hosting space.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi Natasha
Thanks for clarifying. Greatly appreciated.

My images are much larger than that. I have many that are 150 to 200 kb each because of what I sell. Hence my concern about images. Will the free trial allow an import of 1700+ listings so I know how much space is used?

Another question, If you have no images in your description, and only upload the images to the Ebay portion, can they be deleted from Auctiva after the listing is uploaded to Ebay?
Hi dutchman48,

Glad I could help! When you sign up for Auctiva, we start you on an unlimited 30-day free trial. During this free trial, no plan fees or Image Hosting fees will be assessed. So yes, the free trial will allow you to see how much image space you're using without incurring any additional fees.

In regards to your second question, you can delete images after the listing is posted to eBay from the Auctiva Image Management page. Deleting your Auctiva Hosted Images will not remove the eBay Gallery Images from the active listing, but if you did have description images, they would be deleted from the active listing.

Hi Natasha

I did that to find out that none of my imported listings used any image space as it still reads 0.

I am finding out that if you put no images in the Auctiva section and only in the Ebay section, you can delete any uploaded images after uploading the listing to Ebay. That way, use no image space.

Because my images are large, the Auctiva supersize does very little, and is not required.

If I kept all my images, average would be about 350kb per listing.

The import did import all the large Ebay pictures and because they are not hosted on Auctiva, I am OK with those issues.

Still doing other things as it has been a while since I use Auctiva.
Hi Natasha

Now I just noticed that on the saved listings, no images show but they still show on Ebay.

Does that mean I have to re add the images prior to relisting from saved listings, or will the ended Ebay listings still have the images showing?

This is not turning out as simple as I thought it would be with images on Auctiva and Ebay.

But they still show on the active listings. Very difficult to figure out.

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