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I list watch machines, coins and banknotes. If I finish one machine listing and click to do a similar listing, of course the item description is different because it is a different machine, caliber, etc. But when the listing is through Auctiva, it uses the previous listing information and repeats it, again and again, so that the header properly describes the item I am listing, but the item description continues to recycle over and over again! It uses the same item description for EVERY new listing! I look like a stupid fool who doesn't know how to describe my items, or is not careful. I cannot change the main item descriptions through my ebay. They can ONLY be done in Auctiva. When you are repeatedly listing a "similar" item, it should NOT repeat the oriiginal item description again and again! Its incorrect, and I can't figure out how to correct it. And will I have to correct every Auctiva mistake (130+) MANUALLY, one by one? What a nightmare!
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Hello eezee_az123 -

When you opt to use Create Similar within Auctiva, this will open the listing you have selected to use in a new listing window for editing, but all of the data of the original listing is there. It is expected that you would need to update the description, title and images depending on what the new listing you are creating requires.

As long as your items are eligible for revision on eBay, you should be able to use the Revise Your Item form on eBay to make any changes you wish to make to your listings; if an item is no longer eligible for revision on eBay you would not be able to revise an active item through Auctiva or eBay.

It sounds like it might be best for us to have a look in your account and at the process you are using when creating similar to be able to provide you with more specific assistance. Please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of your account and let us know the exact steps you are taking when using Create Similar and a few sample items where you've run into trouble so we can take a look and assist you further.

- Craig
Hi - I don't know how long you've been on Auctiva, so you may have already done this and know all about it, but if you haven't read about or set up your profiles, it sounds to me like that is what you need to do. Then create listings from a master profile, not a "create similar". It sounds like that's what you might be looking for. The "create similar" functions just as Craig described it, simply opening up a new listing window with the exact data you had, and assumes that you'll change any fields that need changing. But if you have similar data for similar types of items, but not everything is the same, set up and use the profiles to get started with creating a new listing and then adjust the specifics per item. There's lots of info on the site about profiles. Hope this helps. Ignore if not.

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