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I think that it would be great if you could have some type of insurance documentation that we could give to our customers to essentially prove that we purchased insurance for their item. It could be a label that we could attach to the box, or a slip of paper that we could include in the boxes, or even an email that we could send the customers. Something that was generated by Auctiva, so it looks legit.

My concern is that customers may purchase the insurance but when they receive the box, there will be no proof of insurance attached to the box.
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We do provide a way to print out a page or send an email to the buyer when Auctiva shipping insurance has been purchased.

Goto the sales tab and then choose the "transactions" page. Here you will see all your items that did sell. You'll see a link for each item that says "View Insurance" if shipping insurance was purchased for that item.

Clicking that link will bring up a page that will give you options to either print it out, or send an email to the customer.

Right now the printed page does not look as good as I feel it should and we are working to improve it to make it look more professional as well as give the buyer more information on how to file a claim, if necessary.

When I printed out the Insurance document it printed the whole page including what the Buyer paid and what I earned.
This does not seem right to me, am I doing something wrong?
I sure don't want the Buyer to see my earnings, I just want to print and show proof that Insurance was purchase at the price the Buyer paid. And instructions on how the Buyer can file a claim if necessary. HELP PLEASE, SOMEBODY ""PLEASE"" Confused
I think my customers get enough e-mails in connection with their ebay purchases- I don't want to send them one more e-mail just about insurance. I looked at the printable version of the View Insurance page, and it is still isn't something I can include with the shipment. According to this thread, Auctiva was working on improving "the look" and the content of that page more than a year ago. What happened?

In the meantime, or maybe as a permanent alternative, I understand U-PIC can provide its customers with proof of insurance cards to be used as package inserts. Is it possible to get these?

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