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Does anyone remember if insurance was automatically calculated for you when listing on eBay, regardless of flat or calculated shipping charges? I thought I remember the site doing that before and I know that I set up the insurance charges for different price value ranges.

I asked eBay and they told me that it only does it when you use the shipping calculator for determining S&H and not with flat rate charges. It used to work for me on my listings with flat rate shipping, but they said that it never was able to do that. Of course, this would be the easiest way to answer if you don't want to look into it (aka: lazy). Red Face

For what I sell most, flat rate shipping is what the majority of sellers use and what I have always been using and it worked for me before. I set the insurance based on my starting price, so it is fair. Then I have to change it accordingly in the invoice...that is if I am able to before they send their payment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Since the "Insurance is a Scam" board is closed and I am not able to respond there (hmmm....), I'll try here. I have been an Auctiva paying member since the beginning. For the first time this month I actually had to file an insurance claim for a lost package to New Zeeland. Total amount insured: $50 for the item and $34 for insurance. Here’s the FYI: When you click on the insurance purchase button, it automatically fills in the total amount paid to you (how convenient I thought!). They add the verbage: “Shipping, Sales Tax, Handling, and Adjustment amounts are included in calculating the coverage amount.” Every time I have purchased insurance from Auctiva, I was led to believe that I was safely covered for all expenses, just as they state. After filing this claim, I was made to jump through endless hoops and spend way too much time having to respond back and forth, and back and forth, and resubmit information that I had already submitted, etc. etc. In the end, they shorted me on the $34 shipping and only paid me for the item that was lost ($50). I immediately contacted the insurance company and spoke to Melissa. After arguing with her for several minutes, here is what I was told. When my customer filled out the claim form that I sent to her, she only requested $50. My point to Melissa was, that is not the amount that was insured, and my customer was not the person paying for and insuring the item - I was. I was charged for insurance an the full amount - the amount that I was led to believe I was insuring. She kept trying to talk circles around me arguing about information that had nothing to do with the fact that not only am I out the item sent and lost, but also my Ebay fees and the ungodly amount of time spent playing this ‘insurance game’ (i.e. SCAM). So beware of what you think you are buying. It’s not anywhere near what they advertise it as. They run you around in circles and force you to jump through hoops hoping that you’ll just give up. Well, after all of this - I did. Life’s too short to have to deal with this kind of unnecessary negative game-playing. Fortunately, it only took one time for me to learn my lesson - I’ll never buy Auctiva insurance again.

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