I recently moved back to Auctiva. I added inventory items and I'm now trying to add inventory information to my active and closed listings. I have only uploaded one test item to ebay and I got an error message that said something about the listing being below some inventory number. The item was already on Ebay already so I was really trying to just make sure that the item was now an inventory item and not just an ordinary Ebay item. I guess I want to know if I did this right for future items I hope to send up to Ebay.
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Hello FrogPondAquatics -

Unfortunately, you will not be able to add inventory information from Auctiva to your already active listings, however, you can add that data to your Closed Listings after creating the appropriate item in your Inventory Management area. Once you have the item set up in Inventory Management, you can use the Edit and Relist function from the closed listings page to then associate the listing with the inventory item prior to relisting it.

For new listings, you would also need to create the inventory item first and associate it with your listing as you create the listing using the Inventory checkbox beneath the description editor on the listing creation page.

- Craig

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