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Starting yesterday, I noticed that Auctiva is auto reposting items, after they are sold.

I have an item, with quantity 1.
If I don't sell it, then I want Auctiva to repost it, and lower the starting price by 10%.

Well, someone grabbed it at the Buy It Now price.
Auctiva auto-reposted it ANYWAY !!

This started yesterday, and I'm seeing it again today.
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Hi PhilthyCollins,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing. I just reviewed the details you provided in the support case you submitted about this issue and found that the item in question was automatically reposted after a sale was made because it met the "Auto-Repost if the item does not qualify for eBay relisting credit"condition selected in the “I Want to Auto-Relist if” section of your Auto Relist profile.

Since you have that condition selected in addition to the “None of the items have sold” condition, any items which use this Auto Relist profile should auto relist if no items have sold and auto repost if any items have sold - since items that end with sales do not qualify for relist credits.

In order to prevent this Auto Relist profile from reposting your items that end without sales, you should just need to uncheck the “ Auto-Repost if the item does not qualify for eBay relisting credit” option within the Auto Relist Profile and leave everything else intact.

We have seen the “Auto-Repost if the item does not qualify for eBay relisting credit” condition cause confusion for other sellers as well and we are considering reworking the Auto Relist profile system to make it more intuitive in the future.

As I mentioned in the reply I posted to your support case this morning, I am surprised to hear you just started seeing this behavior yesterday because we have not made any recent changes to our Auto Relist functionality. If you met me know one or two examples of items for which it has worked differently, I would be interested to look into it further.

I hope this helps!

None of the items have sold

I'm sorry, but as long as I have selected "None of the items have sold", then there's no way it should relist, or repost, when someone buys one.

When the option "None of the itmes have sold" is selected, there should be no other conditions in the profile that would make it relist or repost, when someone buys 1 or more.

Afterall, how am I to achieve the following:

If my auction ends, and zero items have sold, I want Auctiva to relist it (or repost it), at a 10% lowered starting price.

That seems like a basic desire for many sellers. If we uncheck the “ Auto-Repost if the item does not qualify for eBay relisting credit”, then that gives the impression that the item WILL NOT repost, if there's not a relisting credit.

I want it to relist, (and if there's no relisting credit, then perform a repost), if zero sell.
Hi PhilthyCollins,

Yes, I understand what you are looking to accomplish. If you update your Auto Relist profile such that only "None of the items have sold" is selected in the "I Want to Auto-Relist if" as I suggested, the items for which you use that profile should automatically relist as you described as long as no items sell - even if they do not qualify for eBay relist credits.


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