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I had a problem appear recently on my PC. Initially I noticed it was taking a long time for my PC to shut down. Then I ran all the scans, AV, Adaware and Spybot - several things were picked up, including a Trojan Eek I got rid of all those, but still it was taking a long time to shut down, and there was a certain sluggishness overall, with processor usage being over the top in my opinion.

What I did was reinstall IE7 (it didn't lose any of my settings, I just ran the .exe file again), and lo and behold, I was back to normal (well, OK, maybe I wasn't, nor ever will be, but my PC was! Big Grin ).

Might be worth a try Shirley?
Hi ya'll.
Taz, I use FF. The only thing I use IE for is to load my pics, and that's on the other computer (laptop here) 'cause that's where the camera dock is. FF is the second thing I installed, after AVG. Wink That's true with any new computer we get. lol

Miss Member, I've seen you post that before and am glad. I know that wouldn't be true for me. lol Smile I just don't care for IE since learning about FF years ago.

Ninth and Pete, I've never seen ya'll post what browser you use. I pictured both of you as FF users. Big Grin

So a big DUH while writing this. I checked the other computer and it's fine. Must be something I've picked up on here. I know the network connection is secure with a gobbledygook pw. lol I'll run more scans and reinstall FF. What's so strange is that it's only on eBay and no other sights. Confused Bizarre indeed!

Thanks all you wonderful Auctiva boardies. I love this place, our place! Wink I'll let ya know how it goes.

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