has it ever worked for anyone....or is it just me still with the problem of it not working.

I have everything setup, suppose to notify me daily and it has NEVER worked.
I would appeciate a reply so I know if I have done something wrong, need to change settings or whatever...

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Thanks for the replies. I wasn't sure if it was just me or what!
I finally just turned my off, even though it is paid for, if it should start working I was afraid of what it might do, after having been down this long.....with no response from support.

Maybe I'll try later IF they ever get it fixed.
FYI-I took a chance and signed up again for feedback service. Within an hour it had worked. Actually left my feedback!!

First month is suppose to be free. Somewhere someone said it worked for them UNTIL they paid for it and then it quit working. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that after my first month and then I pay....that it will continue to work.I hope so.


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