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I've decided to try selling on a site other than eBay. Is there a way I can 'export' listings created here on the wonderful Auctiva?
I have tried to do it through eBay Turbo Lister, but the 'Export Selected Items' command is greyed out. Could this mean that it is not possible to export anything from Turbo Lister that was not originally created within eBay. ie - it won't allow me to export anything created via Auctiva.
Any help/assistance greatly appreciated.
Mike from Melbourne in the wonderful Land of OZ
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There is not an export to another venue option but you could pick up the HTML for a listing from your saved folder but don't forget the scrolling gallery and Auctiva storefront are linked to your ebay account. Smile

P.S. why would ebay allow you to export anywhere else don't think they like Auctiva (because of free image hosting scheduling etc)let alone any other auction site.
Hi choochooguy - thanks for the reply.
I'll try to use the HTML as you suggested, but I'm not 'brilliant' with computers. Is it simply a matter of taking the HTML and pasting it into a listing page elsewhere......also, what is the downside of the scrolling gallery etc being linked to eBay - oh , of course, there'd be n o listings on ebay to show in the scroller. If I disable the 'use scrolling gallery' option on my listing and then re-save it, I guess that would solve the problem. Sorry, just my thought processes going down on paper. Maybe you could confirm if I'm on the right track.

Hi Mike there are at least two options

1) The whole listing as templated could be copy/pasted from the HTML of the saved listing via the saved listing folder. At the right hand side of the entry for the listing you want to post somewhere else is the link labelled HTML. But that will include links to your ebay items in the SG and Auctiva store front. Including those on another site will probably get the listing pulled by them.

2) Open for 'Edit' the saved listing of interest and copy out the description text from the editor window you originally wrote the listing with and paste that in the listing for the new site.

3) My preference is always to create all listing text on my PC and save them at 'home' first. Originally I created the text with M$ Word but the HTML is bloated and can get interpreted differently on different sites, previewers and different browsers.

Now for expanding to other sites I write directly in HTML, you don't need to know that much but it can be a little tricky at times. I then paste the HTML into the appropriate space in the editor for the new site (assuming they have one !)

Plenty of free HTML editors available on the web.

From what I have seen of alternative sites in the UK most others are quite primitive compared to big-bucks greedbay so many other items such as p&p terms and conditions, shop front if any require many other tweaks so really only the basic description text and images appear to be portable.

However I still keep all my images hosted on Auctiva to at least simplify that aspect of multi-site selling.

I hope that helps, call again if I have missed or confused some point Smile
P.S. yes I did miss a point there :-
If I disable the 'use scrolling gallery' option on my listing and then re-save it, I guess that would solve the problem

That should work have not tried it due to the way I create listings as described above, but may be best to save it in a different folder as a new listing so you do not confused when that item is listed again on greedbay. Saves the need to keep rediting it. Smile
Hi again ChooChooGuy and thanks heaps for your excellent advice. I have finally got it 'almost' figured out now - by taking the HTML of Auctiva generated listings and pasting that into the OZtion lister. I then switch the 'view' of the OZtion lister from HTML to Plain Text and can then edit any parts of the Auctiva generated post. This enables me to delete things which are duplicated in the new overall listing, ie, shipping, return policy etc.
I have re-saved the Auctiva listings into a different location (to avoid later confusion as you suggested) and have de-selected the 'Use matching Banner' box, before re-saving. This should get rid of that problem.
This works well and I am happy with it.
However, now you have me a little worried about the html including links to Auctiva Store Front.
Could you assist further by indicating to me which portion of the html I could 'amend' to avoid this potential problem.
It's a big ask I know, but any help would be appreciated as I have 'zero' understanding of html code and wouldn't know what to look for.

One day, dunno how or when, but I'll return
the favour.
I then switch the 'view' of the OZtion lister from HTML to Plain Text and can then edit any parts of the Auctiva generated post.

Hi Mike this facility in the OZtion lister should be enough to identify unwanted code if the plain text view is a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) view.

If not a WYSIWYG view then copy and paste the HTML into a browser and see what that displays. Then go back to OZtion and prune the HTML with a bit of trial and error to see what is surplus, generally anything with 'java' mentioned is surplus if the scrolling gallery is not being used.

Ideally you want the minimum HTML to display your listing as you want it and no more.

If you are using Auctiva template parts then they will have links to Auctiva in which is not a problem same as links to images on Auctiva so searching out surplus bits using 'Auctiva' as a search word does not really help.

But delete any links to your store, generally that is included with the scrolling gallery code but I mention it because I inserted an additional seperate link to my store after the description text.

I believe the scrolling gallery code starts with "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript' " and ends with "<!--ASW-->"

In the end I trialled and error until I found what the minimum required code was, it even became readable !

I hope that is of some help Smile

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