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Been kind of hooked on the ebay store sellers board lately, BOY can you learn alot there.

anyway, Ebay added a couple options to the left side custom search bar,
All items including store inventory items
store inventory items only.

Of course I don't think they are there by default, you have to click that little link on bottom that says customize. I didn't even know you could customize that box until yesterday, lol.
i spoke my mind (dont even remember about what) and some of the over-eager troublemakers decided to wreak some havoc and screw with my listings.

it wasnt on stores forum, was on another one. i dont even remember which one (but it was one of the ebay forums)

it wasnt a major deal, but made me think twice about using seller account to post. Many do and dont have any probs. *shrug* I just attract the whack-jobs I guess Big Grin

I've got 5 or 6 ebay id's, though. so can easily swap around if i need to Wink course, i dont remember the login details for 1/2 of them - laf!
Originally posted by wayoutwest:
google base is google's new indexing site.

kinda similar to froogle, but it indexes all sorts of stuff (not just product)

some of my items on googlebase

Smile Smile Smile Smile

Thanks for the link. I signed up and I went to eBay to make my file. Now how do I get it submitted to GoogleBase? I couldn't find anything on Google as to how to get my file from eBay.

TIA for any help. Smile

go to ebay and save the file to your computer (can click the link and then save, or right click and save target)

once you have that saved, you will have to convert it into a file that googlebase can read.

there's a couple of converters out there. the one i used is

that page will walk you through converting the file.

once you have the converted file saved to your computer you go back to googlebase and select item type as "Product" from the dropdown list and upload your file

You will also want to set your profile info at use keywords in description and put your ebay store url in the website url box.

NOTE: you can add more keywords and other info to your file before uploading it. simply edit it in excel and add them in, then save as a tab deliminated file. IMPORTANT: There are some columns you will want to leave blank in the file (such as the id column. you can put that in there, but you have to be very careful! see alphabetical list of attributes and their meanings for specifics for each column)

instructions on the file is here and an alphabetical list of attributes and their meanings is at

Dont have Excel? then download openoffice Smile link in siggy Smile
Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Wow, that seems overly complicated for a database that relies on user submissions. Maybe I'm just thick..
yeah, it should be easier. but on the plus side means fewer competitors will do it Wink

i think it's really meant for larger companies that have internal databases for product, etc. those people can set up their database to auto-create the file for submission.

Ie: I noticed QVC has their stuff being fed to it.
Originally posted by leahyrlw:
Oh voice of experience, when you created a profile, do you use your store name. I can't tell how it's going to show up?


I used my ebay ID (which is also my website domain name - got it before the banning of .com's) AND my ebay store name. That way it shows the customer both, and both get used as keywords for google's search indexing.

here's a list of items in googlebase of mine, you can see how i named it (shows up in each item - says 'posted by...')


PS - nice store

Thank you, appreciate it Smile It's still got some work to go, but it's getting there slowly but surely.
go to listings feeds (under manage store in my ebay)

where it says "search engine and comparison sites" click the button for "make a file of store inventory listings available"

then take the file that it generates (an xml file) and save it to your computer.

then go to
and run the file through the gbase converter

Take the resulting tab deliminated txt file and open it in excel (or openoffice). the converter will put some invalid stuff in the finished file, so you will need to edit it. But, it will give you an idea of what the tab deliminated file should look like.

as for your question about 3rd party access, that's a whole different thing. that's to allow places like auctive to do things on ebay on your behalf (such as launch listings)

also, you should be aware of google's rules about auction site listings

1) Your Google Base items must be created with an item type of "products."
2) Your Google Base items must include the fixed "Buy It Now" price listed on your product page. (We're not accepting auctions without a fixed price at this time.)
3) The expiration date of your Google Base items must match the expiration date of your auction.

as you can see, the converter didnt put anything in expiration field, and you'll find there's other issues too.

when you save it, be sure to save it as a tab deliminated txt file.

(my apologies to lisa - didnt mean to hijack your thread)
Originally posted by AngelLisa:
will do. absolutely gotta do my taxes, but after that...

WHAT??? I'm so sure, put me after Uncle Sam! Lmao ...J/K

Surprised a guy like you didn't have them done months ago. Better get on it, just 2 days left.
thankfully we have until the 17th this year what with weekend and all. Smile

youre right, though, gotta get on it. as for your comment about surprised i didnt have it done already - i'm ultra-disorganized - laf!

every year i vow that i'm going to keep all my financial stuff in order so that i won't have to go through the nightmare of finding it all at last minute, every year i fail to accomplish it. *laf* But that's okay, i'll get it done. Smile
Well, what an education for a dummy. Now, I have to decide what to take out.It's difficult. By expiration date, do you mean end time? Is that where you put the expiration?
I do have another question. We have several of the same items listed several times as opposed to one listing for 2 items. Shouldn't the extra's be taken out so as not to repeat and flood the system?
personally i'd leave the extras in since the url to the item will be different.

expiration date - from the way i understand it, in the column that says expiration_date (in the file youre going to upload to googlebase) you want to put the ending date of the listing. it's supposed to be in YYYY-MM-DD format

Instructions related to the tab-deliminated file

I don't remember if it posted it, but here's a link to description of each of the columns in file, fomat of data that goes in there, etc. If you look at the file you created and look at this file, you'll see where some of the problems are (like the image url should be to a full sized image instead of thumbnail, the product type should be a more general label rather than ebay's category structure, etc)

And a reminder, cant put auction item in file unless it has a BIN price
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