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All I want to do is remove the
[PAYMENTINFO].. >Payment</h2>p>[PAYMENT]</p>/div></font><BR><BR>[/PAYMENTINFO][SHIPPINGINFO]<font >div class="section">
<h2 id="ship"><span></span>Shipping</h2>
<p>[SHIPPING]</p> </div></font><BR><BR>[/SHIPPINGINFO][TERMSINFO]<font
...stuff from the template. (I shortened and deleted some stuff above - this isn't how I really tried to do it). I don't need Payment, shipping, terms, etc. but every time I try to take them out (in this case, curly copper on black - but it has NEVER worked out for me on ANY template) it screws up the spacing and layout. Loses centering, screws up fonts, puts pictures vertical instead of paired, etc. Can't do it directly in HTML and can't do it with the visual editor. Does anyone know how to do this?
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Hi Boz,

Thanks for posting your question here. If you are simply trying to make it so the "Payment" and "Shipping" sections that are available within your template do not show up in your listings, you actually do not even have to modify the template.

Those sections are designed to only show up in listings for which a seller details profile is selected that have information saved in those sections.

Therefore, if you use the template in a listing that does not contain a seller details profile or contains a seller details profile that does not have information saved in the "Payment" and "Shipping" sections, the "Payment" and "Shipping" sections available for the template will not appear in the listing.

Similarly, if you do not want any of those sections that are available after the “Description” section to show up in your listings, simply do not select a seller details profile from the “Select Seller Details” drop down menu on the lister page and none of those sections will show up.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with this, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the “Help” tab within your account and selecting the “File Support Case” option.

The reason I tried to delete them in the past is because what you say is true, but it tends to leave random vertical (blank) spacing in the place where it thinks something should be. I guess I can live with that but I am still working on trying to create 1 new template - for a week now. IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD. The templates do weird things, like showing an item centered in the preview, then it isn't centered when it hits eBay. Not centered when you are creating the listing, centered in the preview, not centered on eBay... on and on for a WEEK. Why is it so finicky??

It should be simple - place the cursor in the item description window, hit the centering button, insert the table, done.

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