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When I'm creating my listings in the Girls Clothing category I only get the option for used or preowned. When it gets listed eBay has arbitrarily assigned things like size, product type, brand, etc. which do not match anything about the item. I have to manually revise each one on eBay.

I think the problem is because Auctiva's program is not allowing us to put in this information in our listing.

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I just did a very quick check of the lister and during category selection got Girls Clothing with alot of sizes/selections for the next level down. Try New Listing and see if it hasn't changed now.

I know eBay has been doing major replacements and updates on categories and Auctiva may have been playing catch-up on the day you built a listing (not there then but is now).

Danno, I'm not talking about the category selection & all the levels there. After I do that where I put in the size, type of clothing, etc. the next item on the listing form is for Item specifics. On Auctiva all I can do is select New or Preowned. Today when I checked some of my listings I saw on eBay that various brands & sizes & clothing types had been added & of course, they did not match my item. On the ones that did not have bids I was able to edit. I then saw that the eBay form had a lot of item specific fields that were not showing up on Auctiva. I hope this makes some sense & that someone will look deeper into the problem. Shirley
OK.....on a quick check I did.....

First Category ID
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Girls > Clothing (Size 7) > Dresses with Cat # 3053

I then clicked on Choose Item Specifics and got pop-up for Condition with options for New: with Tags, New: without Tags, and Pre-Owned. (Looks like that item is more than the New or Preowned you previously saw.)

I then clicked on Custom Item Specifics and got a pop-up with Brand, size type, Size, and Product Type for fill-ins. (You didn't mention if your item has them.)

Hmmm...perhaps it's a problem with a specific item, and not my first test. It looks like Item Specifics work for some.

Category apparently now provides drill-down on things like size and Item Specifics have condition and more detail on product. Again, just wonder if they've updated and your prior build of the listing is dated prior to the changes.

I am having same issue with other categories. Item Specifics seem to be automatically choosing a specific even when I haven't filled in the specifics. I have to go to eBay on every single listing to make sure the Item Specifics aren't filled in with wrong information. In fact, when I list through Auctiva, I rarely get anything but "New" to choose from on the listing page. Thus, I have to go eBay on every single listing to fill in Item Specifics. I have mentioned this as a problem multiple times but never any response from Auctiva Mike or any other tech.
Jeanie B.
Difficult to say whether Auctiva or eBay is applying unwanted "specifics" to the item at submission.

Because of all the changes, it may or may not be a current problem, i.e. I'd recheck if new specifics have been added that might have corrected an old problem.

I would open a Support Case for those that haven't been updated, i.e. no change in lister selections that would override or properly apply correct specifics.

Hope those suggestions make sense. I know there have been alot of complaints in the Forum on Item Specifics over past month or so, and I've seen responses suggesting they are working to correct (or catch up).

I've been wrestling with the same problem. I really like the Auctiva listing form (can't beat the price!), but it is very time consuming to have to go back and revise every single listing to fix item specifics that are not even offered in the Auctiva form.

I just happened to find out this was happening when I went in to revise a shipping detail during this past week. I ended up having to revise the details in about 30 listings one auction at a time. I'd recommend that everyone check a few of their listings to see if this is happening to them. In my case, the specifics were not even close to what the item actually was. I can't be sure right now what effect this might have had on the traffic brought to each auction. I'm going to run some similar listings this week making sure that the details have been revised from the time of listing.

Take care.

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