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Hello klala and Doug 4567 -

We are aware of the issue where not all of the appropriate options are showing in the Custom Items Specifics area of the listing creation page for all categories. Our engineers are currently looking into this issue on a priority basis, but I have no ETA on when there will be a resolution. I will post again to this thread as soon as more information regarding this difficulty becomes available.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

- Craig
Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach back out and let you all know we have now resolved the Custom Item Specifics issue. All categories will now return the required Custom Item Specifics fields.

Again we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused but do want to thank all of you for your patience while we worked to fix this.

Reading this post, it seems this issue was solved back in February. I am now just having this same problem and cannot list clothing items because it does not show the correct item specifics. And you can't just list without the item specifics as you get an error message because you haven't filled out the correct item specifics. Can't fill them out if they don't appear when clicking on the link.

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