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"Next, taking a look at eBay, Cramer said the company's e-commerce business is not doing well, and its online auction business is seeing slowing growth because of saturation.
Not only is the sector bad, but it is also not cheap for its group, when comparing it with Yahoo! (YHOO - commentary - Cramer's Take), Cramer said eBay's management is in denial and unable to recognize what's wrong with the company. Additionally, the future for the company looks pretty bleak, as Internet stocks have no defenses, Cramer said.
After performing the diagnostic test, Cramer said he would sell some eBay now. However, he said he would not sell all of it at once, because snap-back rallies do occur. "

This is Jim Cramers take on Ebay today from his CNBC show "Mad Money". Any of this sound familiar?

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Sounds like even the rats are jumping ship now. Its a sad thing when something is starting its slide to the bottom. Sort of like the titanic going down bow first. Sad indeed. However bare in mind that ebay is a big venture and it would take a lot to just kill it off. In the meantime, the one thing it has going for it is customer traffic. I for one still need the sales I generate from there as supplemental income to my websites.
ebay really did shoot itself in the foot while there was no competition.... gouching sellers and buyers as fast and as hard as they can....but this spells near total doom once a competitor comes looks like google and froogle is gonna be a real competitor...ebay now will be at a great disadvantage if their business involves these sellers and buyers.... sellers will get alot of buyers to understand also how they had to pass on the high fees of ebay to them.. so even the buyers will feel goughed....if a competitor comes along like google.. ebay will have to do better than even.....and since google has shown to be wise and efficient it will be very hard for ebay to come to even... so ebay probably will try to go into a business where either the ebay name is gone or a business that does not involve the people who they have ripped off.... they could avoid this big disadvantage if somehow they did another auction service .. like maybe buying bidville without people know its ebay...ebay will not be able to stay in this business with these sellers and buyers unless they do it undercover..
Jim Cramer Rules! I love his show and his advice.

It used to be that before we bought most things we'd go to eBay to see if we could find a better deal.

Now that we're so comfortable buying online, we hit Froogle and other commerce sites without worry.

This is in a round about way to make a point..other buyers online are getting just as savvy. Albeit later than most of us. Even though eBay started the "online selling venue" buyers aren't afraid to be out there and buying now outside the boundaries of the conglomerate eBay.

Ebay is going to have to change it's ways. That's all there is to it with GBuy finally out and Google controlling the searching.

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