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blueHi There,
My name is Joan & I just joined, so I'm just learning what this is all about, couldn't sleep so I'm just lounging around also lol Smile. This seems like it's really going to fun once I get to know my way around,
I do know how to list & all that, but how does one get an avator ? I saw something on it can anyone direct me on this. Well, glad to be here.
cya later... Wink
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Hi & Thanks for welcoming to the Lounge, Misbehavin & Donna Smile. So far I have used the relisting & the listing & all seems well. I just really need to get used to it. I have Turbo Lister as well but I'm that fond of it. This seems so much easier, My hubby prefers Turbo Lister lol, so whatever. Is anyone receiving spoof mail from eBay or paypal? I have received some & reported them but how do they harest your address ? through buying something form you, anyone know, if so please share with me if you would. Thanks & have a great evening to all Cool
Hi Joan. Welcome to the Forums!

Yes Spoofing, Phishing and all related things are problems all over the internet. There are many ways that they can get addresses unfortunately and new ways being made up even as some of the original methods are dealt with. Some mass e-mail from collected lists from a third party, some collect addresses from websites or e-mails and some actually inflitrate the network systems of organizations and use their own lists against them.
I am not an expert on this and I also don't want depress anyone. On an ending note, the number of legitimate people on the internet far outweighs the number of scammers. Just keep your head on straight and don't believe everything you see. Routers and computer protection software may help also.
Aside from that stuff: Welcome to Auctiva! We hape your experience here is a great one! Smile

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