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This was just posted on the Ebay Store Board not too long ago.

Dear eBay sellers,

Please note that the eBay Stores 30-day free trial offer on will expire at 12:00 AM PT on Wednesday, May 3, 2006. If you have been considering opening an eBay Store, please make sure to open your eBay Store before May 3 to take advantage of this offer. NOTE: the 30-day free trial is for new subscribers of a Basic or Featured Stored only.

As of May 3, new eBay Stores subscribers on will be charged the monthly subscription fee associated with their subscription tier in the first month.

Regards,eBay Stores Team
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I feel that's a huge mistake on ebay's part.

I wonder if because so many of us dropped our stores when they changed the fee's last year that they need to recoup their fee's some how. I closed one of my stores last year due to the rate increase.

Or...Could it be this?

EBAY Stores were doing so well when the search function was changed. Reports are that store sales were higher during that period than they'd been in awhile and I know my business was booooming. Thus this boosted eBay's quarterly earnings reports. Now that they have changed the search function back to it's original state and persons are dropping their stores lightning fast if eBay neeeeeeds to charge the fee's right off the bat.

Geesh, I think things through too much.

Either way...this marketing concept blows!

Thanks Lisa,
I don't know their thinking behind it. However, I spend ALOT of time reading the store board and know that an awful lot of people opened stores with the new search feature, even some big powersellers that normally sold at just auction. Myabe they are thinking there is too many stores now, and want to try to cap it some. Although on the other hand, I know of about 12 people just on the store board alone that have closed their store in the past two weeks and alot of others are considering it if things don't pick up.

Do we ever understand Ebays way of thinking as to why they do most of the stuff they do? lol
I love hanging out at the eBay stores boards. Lotsa great minds over there.

I VERY rarely post, but I glean ALOT of knowledge from those minds.

It got pretty nasty over there last month and there were persons Pink Slapped.

Yep...people are a closing their stores. I may just close mine for the summer months and reopen in the fall. Who knows? <smile>

EBAY sales drop majorly in June and pick back up before back to school.

I've done the dropping of my store several times during the summer months and it has worked.

You're really on the ball Lisa.
Keep up the Good Work, you definitely are an asset!!

Take care, Donna

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