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I am having a problem with my new use of Auctiva, when I am listing and posting some items, they are being put into my "other" category with ebay. When I wrote auctiva support they wrote the following back to me, but have not responded to what a "leaf category" is, does anyone know? Thanks Lisa

Below is the answer they gave me but this is still foreign language to me, thanks

I apologize for the inconvenience. This API warning indicates that although you have chosen a valid eBay store category for your item, an error was generated because that category is not a leaf category. Regarding this issue, the following information is available on eBay store FAQ:

"Just like when choosing a category on eBay, you may only list an item in a category at the bottom of your category structure. For example, if you had a category structure of Mens-> Pants, you could list an item in the "Pants" category but not in the "Mens" category."
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A leaf is a programming term referring to a data structure, computer programming talk. Think of it like a tree. Leafs are at the end. Since programmers write the majority of eBay's error messages that sorta talk gets in there a lot.

In terms of what that means on eBay it means you must pick an end level category. For example you can't just choose "Antiques" for your category. That is not a "leaf."

Antiques->Ethonogrpaphic->African->Masks is an example of a leaf category. eBay does not let you choose either Antiques->Ethnographic or even Antiques->Ethonographic->African as a category.

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